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Now you can get up to 100% business loan and investment financing. Ready, willing, and able to fund viable and underwritten personal & institutional projects and businesses including startups, worldwide. 

Funding Range: 

USA based: US$100,000 minimum 

(No Maximum)

International: US$1 Million minimum 

(No Maximum)

Eligible Countries: Worldwide

Terms: Flexible (varies per lender or investor)

Apply Now! 

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Who we are

about us

We are a global consulting and referral services business linking individuals and businesses worldwide in need of funding, with our contacts of local and international investors/lenders, who are able and willing to fund financial requests, at agreeable terms for both parties involved. We're an ambitious workaholic, but apart from that, pretty simple persons.

What we do

our services

We provide a link to lenders and investor underwriting groups who represent domestic and international banks, pension funds, investment banks, unions, insurance companies, hedge funds, syndicates, private accredited investors, and private lenders. 

We assist our clients worldwide who want to achieve their business financing objectives and secure funding from US$1 million and higher funding requests that may require innovative financing and structuring.

We specialize on working with start-up, existing, and growth oriented companies that have viable business plans. The overall value that our financial team brings to that assignment is creative thinking, underwriting expertise, and strategic relationships with potential funding sources.

We offer loans for business, personal and large institutional projects worldwide such as;


USA Only. US$50K - US$2 million. Loan program uses Real Estate collateral in order to qualify (including residential and commercial/ industrial properties, parking lots, gas stations, co-ops, mixed use, farms etc.).


Loans against corporate bonds, stocks, CD, T-Bill, CMO, diamonds, Gold, select marketable precious metals & natural resources. US$10 million minimum No maximum (Worldwide offer).


Existing business loan, covid-19 relief collateral loan, purchase order financing, acquisition of an existing business, refinance an existing business, chapter 11/7 or CCAA bankruptcy, invoice factoring.


New construction and already under development construction loans.


Real estate development, acquisition of commercial property, construction of real estate.


Business acquisition loans, rental property acquisition, commercial property acquisition, land acquisition, hotel/resort acquisition, healthcare acquisition, mine acquisition, church acquisition.


Acquisition of rental property, construction of a rental property, refinance of a rental property.


Loans for heavy equipment for USA based companies, owner operated truck purchase, existing business with real estate, truck title loan.


Healthcare business loans, healthcare facility new construction, refinance of a healthcare business, refinance of a healthcare facility, acquisition of a healthcare business, acquisition of a healthcare facility, chapter 11/7 or CCAA bankruptcy.


Existing business refinance, land refinance, rental property refinance, commercial property refinance.


Operating hotel loans, refinance of a hotel, acquisition of a hotel.


Land acquisition loans, land purchase & construction, land refinance.


Loans for USA based businesses who have previously filed for chapter 11/7 bankruptcy or CCAA. Debtor in possession (DIP) financing options.


Existing church loans and acquisition of a church. US$10 million minimum for International church loan requests.


Startup loan with no real estate & loans for startup in any industry that will include owned real estate as collateral.


Airline industry & airport loans, loans for acquisition of an airport or airline, refinance an airport or airline, chapter 11/7 or CCAA bankruptcy.


Loans for Film and TV productions (motion picture productions, TV productions, a slate of production).


Loans for existing mines, new mine construction loan, acquisition of an existing mine.

Get funding in 4 easy steps 

Step 1. register

Register and submit your details including a brief summary of your business or project, your location (Country), how much you need in (US$), and whether you need a loan, investments or both.

Step 2. Submit supporting Documentation

Prepare and upload supporting documentation such as a business plan, financial statements/net income projections, executive summary, PPM, and or any other relevant documents to aid in the review and quick approval of your financing request.

Step 3. Information review

We will review your information in a fair and timely manner. Either way, we will let you know if we can help or will not be able to help with your funding request. Terms & Conditions apply.

Step 4. Get Funding

Once your application is approved, you will get financing offers from lenders and investors in our large database, for your own review of terms and approval. You will get funded once you and the lender or investor reach and sign an agreement. 
Frequently Asked Questions
What type of investors and lenders do we have and look for?

We currently have private equity investors, hard money investors, angel investors, venture capital, direct lenders, & non-bank lenders.

What types of funding are we able to help you with?

If you need a loan, you can choose from any of our loan offers.

We can also help you with;

Purchase order financing, revolving credit lines, secured bridge funding, acquisition funding, DIP and Exit funding, inventory loan, real estate financing, cash flow loans, international real estate financing, loan guarantees, asset based loans, conventional factoring financing, healthcare providers financing, letter of credit funding, equity participation funding, equipment purchase financing, construction loans, unsecured personal loans, mezzanine funding, SBA loans, and 144A Bond financing which is a fast, low cost, non-recourse way to fund many type of real estate and non-real estate projects for US$10 Million up to US$5 billion or more (No CAP).

What is our fee structure?

Depending on the nature and urgency of your financing requests, we may refer you to some of our funding referral partners who may charge an upfront fee and other fees including underwriting fees for their services. Kindly check with respective partner's website(s) or customer service for their fees structures and terms of service.

What businesses and projects do we look for?

We look for businesses or projects with; 

  • A strong management team, 
  • A viable business plan, 
  • Good growth potential, 
  • Clients with at least 10% of their own equity into the project, 
  •  Ability to create value, 
  •  Ability to generate cash with acceptable projected net income, 
  • Proven technology (if it is an alternative energy project), 
  • A clearly defined exit strategy (unless it is a build/hold and operate). 
We have relationships with lender and investor underwriting sources who serve their clients and who get many such projects funded every year.

DISCLAIMER: is a referral and consulting services business. We are not Certified Financial Advisers, U. S. Securities Dealer, Stock Broker or Investment Adviser. We are not business consultants and acting in the capacity of a financial intermediary who provides advice to private individuals on or about business matters. .Please understand that the contemplated transaction(s) is strictly private and in no way relates to the United States securities act of 1933 **(THE”ACT”)* and does not involve the sale of registered securities. This transaction(s) are private and exempt from the act. Each investor associated in any way, directly or indirectly with as a potential funding resource must be an "Accredited Investor" as that term is used in federal and state securities laws. provides a service through which clients and investors/lenders may identify each other but makes no actual or implied representations concerning the availability of any potential funding or funding resource. neither effects nor attempts to affect any funding or business relationship between clients and any associated in any way, directly or indirectly investor or lender, and nothing contained in these services offering material should be construed as an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to purchase a security. Clients and Investors/Lenders associated in any way, directly or indirectly with are solely responsible for compliance of such federal, state, tax or local laws which may apply between them in any funding transaction and (clients) of are solely responsible to verify all funding contacts credentials by doing due diligence themselves. is not responsible for any problems or conflicts between clients of and any funding contacts. does not provide legal, financial or tax advice of any kind. If you have any questions with respect to legal, financial or tax matters relevant to your interactions with funding contacts/clients, you should consult a professional adviser. Most early-stage businesses and many other growth-focused businesses fail, and if you invest in a business as a direct or indirect result of it is significantly more likely that you will lose all of your invested capital than you will see any return of capital or a profit. You should only invest in businesses that you can afford to lose without altering your standard of living. receives compensation of fees charged on funding that has been accepted and received by the clients. All up front fees paid to our referral partners through their website or by other means are subject to their own terms and shall not be held liable for the same. All clients' information and funding transactions positive or negative are held in complete confidentiality and no information will ever be shared outside of our funding network or sold and no clients will ever be used as a reference or referral to any future potential funding seekers considering joining

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